Topics we can discuss during your consultation:

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Weight Management

 Pregnancy & Lactation Nutrition

Digestive wellness

Disease Prevention

Sports Nutrition

Eating Disorder Treatment

Medical Nutrition Therapy

including but not limited to:


Food allergies & intolerance


Non insulin dependent diabetes

Steatohepatitis (Fatty Liver)

Cardiovascular Disease


Eating Disorders

Pre and Post Bariatric Surgery

Gastrointestinal Diseases:

Celiac Disease



Crohns Disease

Ulcerative Colitis



Individual/Family Nutrition Consult

  • Initial 1 hour consult- $80

    • I meet with you and any family you would like to ​create a personalized nutrition recommendation based on your goals and needs.  Includes a BIA body composition test, if desired.

  • Follow up 1 hour consult- $70

    • For those with more in depth nutrition education needs and/or those wanting ​continued support and education in meeting their nutrition goals.

  • Follow up 1/2 hour consult- $35

    • Often appropriate for those wanting ongoing support 

  • Body composition analysis via a Tanita professional BIA (Bioelectrical Impedance A​nalysis)- $10 (only available in addition to a consult)

  • 1 day dietary analysis via ESHA software- $35

    • Provides a complete macro and micro nutrient analysis of one day of food intake (please ask to see a sample, if interested). ​

  • 3 day dietary analysis via ESHA software- $70

    • Provides a complete macro and micro nutrient analysis of an average of 3 days of food intake.

  • Create meal Plan using the diabetic exchange diet- $70

    • Often ​useful for those needing clearly defined dietary intake such as in the treatment of eating disorders.

Discounts Offered

  • Initial 1 hour consult + 1 hour follow up appointment- $140**​

  • 4 one hour follow up appointments (may be divided into 1/2 hr appts) - $250**​

  • 10 one hour follow up appointments (may be divided into 1/2 hr appts)- $500​**

** payment must be paid in full at 1st appointment to obtain discount

Payments can be made via cash, check or credit card.​​

I am an Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Provider and I can bill your insurance for dietary services.

 ​(video conferencing is not a covered service)

Appointments can also be made for:

  • grocery store tours 

  • pantry clean out/discussion (at your house)

  • cooking education/demonstration (at your house). 


*Initial office consult required prior to these consults

Please call or email to schedule an appointment.

Video Consulting

In addition to appointments in my office I am able to do video conferencing via the platform or, if you prefer, telephone consults.


Dietitian Consulting for Agencies and Businesses

  • Menu approval 

  • Menu development and analysis

  • Clinical dietetics for long term and acute care agencies

  • Provide nutrition education to groups 

  • Corporate wellness services that may include a body composition analysis with a professional Tanita BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis) machine and a short client specific nutrition education

Current and past consulting:

  • Southern Ute Headstart 

  • Dietitian at Pediatric Partners of the Southwest

  • Animas Surgical hospital

  • Junction Creek rehab/Four Corners Health Care

  • Sunshine Gardens 

  • Area Agency on Aging

Please call or email to discuss consulting services