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Mikel Love MS RDN

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Topics we can discuss during your consultation:

Healthy cooking / meal planning

Digestive wellness

Weight Management

 Pregnancy & Lactation Nutrition

Disease Prevention

Sports Nutrition

Eating Disorder Treatment

Medical Nutrition Therapy

including but not limited to:


Food allergies & intolerance

Prediabetes and non insulin dependant diabetes

Steatohepatitis (fatty liver)

Cardiovascular Disease


Eating Disorders

Gastrointestinal Diseases:

Celiac Disease



Crohns Disease

Ulcerative Colitis



My Philosophy

My nutrition philosophy is rooted in real food (not points, counting kcals, fad diets and meal replacement shakes, etc).  I believe that what we choose to eat has the power to maintain or improve our health, fuel our energy needs and nurture ourselves and our families.  Using whole foods as a basis for my recommendations I strive to work with my clients in making goals that are realistic in their lives’.


I love to cook, grow vegetables, glean fruit trees, and can/freeze/dehydrate food for later meals.  I can wholeheartedly call myself a “foodie” and I love to teach and inspire others in the art of healthy cooking and food preservation.    However, I recognize that not everyone has the time or desire to dedicate hours to food prep.  I am also well versed in helping clients choose foods that serve their dietary goals and can be prepared quickly.

I recognize that for some people food can be a source of emotional stress and limit their ability to make desired changes.  I often work with clients, when appropriate, on exploring their relationship with food and discuss ways to make dietary changes more successful. 

Ultimately, my goal is to tailor to my clients’ individual needs diet recommendations that will help them to reach their goals; be it weight loss, symptom relief, treatment of a medical diagnosis or just eating healthier.

My Story


Mikel is a dietitian/nutritionist living in Durango, transplanted from Maui, Hawaii in 1994. She graduated from Fort Lewis College in 1999 with a Bachelor of Science in biology and continued her studies at the University of Utah where she received a Masters of Science in nutrition and her registered dietitian credentialing in 2005.  Since then she has worked in Durango, in private practice, counseling clients about nutrition as well as consulting for many local agencies in Durango and the surrounding communities.  


Mikel's years of expertise have led her to a few passions in her career.   Explaining to clients what they should eat is part of almost every dietitians’ job but these recommendations are not always easily integrated into our eating habits.  She has found that many people (not all) struggle with making the suggested changes.  She loves working with her clients to help them understand their often complex emotional relationship with food and strives to not only deliver relevant dietary recommendations but to also empower people to make health benefiting changes.  She especially loves working with families with children to help them understand the relationship between the foods that kids eat and behavioral/medical symptoms experienced.  This understanding can lead to the benefit of encouraging positive family food relationships that will carry through to their adult lives'. 


She ultimately hopes to inspire people to think about the food they eat and the relationship it can have with their health and wellness.  

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