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Lots of Free Healthy Food this Time of Year!

This is a little bit of my daughter's handy work. She has the artistic eye in our family. It is a reminder that you may not need to look past your neighbor's yard for a healthy snack!

There are many ways to eat healthy and they almost all include eating fruit and lots of vegetables, preferably organic. I know that this can be difficult with a limited food budget. I encourage you to be opportunist, especially in the late summer and fall when gardens are overflowing and fruit is literally falling from the sky. Knock on your neighbor's door and ask to pick some apples or pears and take that giant zucchini off of your friends hands to add some extra fiber and nutrition to your weekend pancakes. Preserving the harvest and enjoying throughout the year is one of my favorite ways to save a little money!

Homemade apple butter is one of my favorites and dried apples have become a lunch box staple. The apple corer, slicer and optional peeler is one of my very kitchen tools and makes slicing apples for drying or making pie quick and easy. Here's a link to see how they work.


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